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Mechanical Maintenance Services in Greater Perth

All our vehicles for onsite service and maintenance work are mine spec certified.


Available at short notice with a fast turnaround time!

At Shift Engineering, we pride ourselves for being there when you need us most. We offer both onsite and offsite mechanical support services and are able to accommodate urgent requests in most cases.


Our tradesmen are all highly qualified, hard workers and our service vehicles are fully equipped and mine spec certified.

Machinery, Automotive and Hydraulics

Member of the Motor Trade Association

Talk to us today about your mechanical maintenance needs: 

  • Workshop repairs, rebuilds and servicing of all mobile and fixed plant and equipment

  • Diesel engine rebuilds and maintenance

  • Shutdown and breakdown repairs and maintenance

  • Hydraulic repairs and maintenance

  • Machinery and equipment installation

  • Function testing of mechanical equipment

  • Auto electrical and air conditioning installation and repairs

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